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Evolutionary Interpretation in Different International Legal Systems

04.10.2018 10:00


Evolutionary interpretation is an important concept in international law. Due to the slow nature of negotiations and the amendment processes, as well as the difficulties in reaching a consensus, international treaties are rarely modified. Therefore, how is it possible to ensure a convention, possibly signed more than a century ago, remains relevant in today's world? Evolutionary interpretation allows a judge to adapt his or her reading of the text to new social, environmental or technological realities. The text does not change, its interpretation does.

This conference will gather together experts on the topic in various themes of international law. Whether discussing the theory of evolutionary interpretation or its application in economic law, humanitarian law, environmental law or even EU law, this conference aims at clarifying the concept and finding common ground between these areas. There is a range of possible approaches to evolutionary interpretation, and the conference will also explore the possible limits of those approaches.

Thema: Völkerrecht

Wo: Genf, Uni Dufour, Salle U159